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Let me tell you…
June 26, 2013, 2:49 pm
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…about my God. He’s the best thing that has EVER happened to me — and I have a husband! Just today He has blessed me more than I could have asked for. I went to pick strawberries at the local patch today. And it rained. I was happily alone (my children were with a neighbor) and picking berries even though I got soaking wet. Then a young woman asked me if I would like some help to pick. Sure! So I got to have a wonderful conversation with a 15 year-old Amish girl who was happy to spend some time with me in the rain while we chatted about the Faithfulness of our God. I decided that I would go right to her house to tell her mother what a wonderful blessing she is raising…but her mother was not home. So instead, I decided to find the house of an old school friend of mine. I knew that this friend (V) had moved in the past year, so I wasn’t sure where to find her. I drove around the neighborhood hoping that her name would be on a mailbox. It wasn’t. So I prayed, “Lord, you’re going to have to show me which house I need to visit to find V.” I pulled into a driveway and admired the flowers on the way to the door. A little face peeked through a window and motioned me to another door. The woman at the other door was very pleasant. When I told her who I was looking for, her response was this: “Oh, she’s my husband’s sister.” Wow. Thanks, Lord. So went on my way — still amazed that God answered my prayer so completely by showing me the perfect house to find my friend. My plan was to stop long enough to say “Hi, V! I can’t stay long, but I wanted to find where you are. Could I come visit you next week?” However, the Lord had other plans. 45 minutes after I showed up, I grudgingly left after having the most incredible conversation with this Amish woman about Holiness, Godliness, signs of the times, education, Covenant, and Accountability. Wow. God timed our meeting again so perfectly. I loved V back when we were in school, but now I know that she’s “my people” more than I thought. Not only that! When I showed up at the neighbor’s house to pick up my children I had to apologize for taking advantage of her kindness for watching my children. I hadn’t given her an end time, but I really had visited with my friend longer than I should have… Anyway, I showed up to get my kids and she was making lunch for them. She told me to go home and eat with my husband and come back for the kids later! That’s only the beginning! This is just the blessings He’s given me TODAY!

Even as I sit here and write all of this out, I’m still completely amazed at how the Lord touches my heart with my neighbors. This little place that I call home is surrounded by Amish families who KNOW the Lord, and can recognize Him in my eyes. As different as we are from one another, we’re the same in the Lord. I love how every conversation that I have with my neighbors turns to the Lord. Everything that we talk about has Him in it…and it’s fitting. He’s the most important decision any of us can ever make. He gives me everything my heart desires…even though loving Him is all I can give in return. Maybe next time I’ll share how He’s opened doors for me through flowers, or babies, or cooking, or baking, or…whatever. Blessings.