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It happened
December 6, 2014, 2:14 pm
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It was really only a matter of time before “It” happened. The thing that every child dreads. The most extreme consequence to refusing to help at pick-up time. “It” happened last night……..

Mother: It’s pick-up time, guys! Let’s get this house lookin’ good!
Children: We don’t want to pick up our toys, Mommy. Let’s just throw them away.
Mother: But, Christmas is coming. You need to show us that you value your toys before we get you any more.
Children: Well, if we don’t have these toys anymore, we’ll have LOTS more room for new ones.

(Cue the dramatic lighting and ominous music.) Mother raises her finger to point at her children. Mother: If thou dost not treasure thine treasures nor show a proper Thankfulness for thine home, thy Mother and Father shall withhold from thee thine treasures until such a time as thou learnest proper respect and develop an attitude of helpfulness within thine home and elsewhere.

Children (in unison): Okay, Mommy. Go ahead. We don’t want them anymore.

Just like that! Okay, not quite like that. But the point is the same. The kids didn’t want to help anymore and told me to throw their toys away. So last night and today I’ve spent some major time gathering and storing (for now) SEVERAL boxes and bins of toys. The girls still have a few that they actually do play with. But the boy? Totally toyless. Truly, I’m not a monster. I didn’t enjoy removing the toys amidst wailing and gnashing of teeth. Their father and I spent much time gathering all the wonderful garage sale prizes our kids would love to play with, and finding places to hold everything.  And I LOVE to make the toy lists for grandparents to go toy shopping for our babies. But friends, when my beautiful children looked at me with their stunningly gorgeous eyeballs (1 pair of giant brown eyes and 2 pairs of arresting blue ones, mind you) and proved to me how ungrateful they are for their toys, I suddenly realized I’d made a big mistake in indulging their appetites for things.

This ungrateful attitude first showed itself to this degree about a year ago. I’m a very patient woman when it comes to my children. So, after a year of pushing (and sometimes dragging) our children to develop a loving heart toward their treasures, we decided that they simply need fewer treasures to love. I’m not sure that it’s really worth a whole blog post, but that’s my story. I love my children enough that I took their toys away. Now they’ll have to play outside, or read, or play games with each other, talk to each other or, (gasp) learn how to be alone. I think we’ll ALL be okay.


Have you ever done something counter-culture for the good of your children?