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8, 6, 5, 2, and NEW!
February 14, 2017, 11:21 am
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Lately I’ve been completely overwhelmed…with good things! Decklan joined us on December 30th. The past month+ has flown by. I’ve really tried to focus on “living in the now.” After 5 children, I finally understand the poem which says, “Settle down, dust; cobwebs go to sleep. I’m rocking my baby, and babies don’t keep.” I’ve really just taken the time to sit with Decklan and enjoy it. I don’t look around and see everything else which needs doing; nor do I fret about any kind of time table. My husband has afforded me with the space we all need to just sit with the baby and not stress about the other stuff. With the thought that this is our last baby, I find that I’m broken and relieved at the same time. Broken because I can’t hold him enough during the day (there simply isn’t enough day)…I’m afraid that I’ll forget his little smell and the feel of his tiny-ness. But, I find that I’m also relieved because the end of this part means the beginning of a new phase in life. The idea of going from Building babies to simply Raising people would be a change for us. Relief would come for me with the end of the “maybe” phase. I don’t like to live in “Maybe.”

We’ve also been so blessed by K! She lives in our yard (long story) and she has become entwined in our lives and hearts for a time. Since the baby came, she has visited the house regularly to help with household chores and just play with the other kids. Getting to know her better and see her heart has been such a blessing to us. Her visits are another reason I’ve been able to just sit and enjoy the newborn phase more than ever before.

The weather is warming up unusually early and so has prompted an early spring fever. We’ve all been walking around the farm together and cutting down trees for the wood pile, burning the grass, and dreaming of bleating on the hill. My hope for sheep has a chance to see the light this summer! We also hope to add to our flock of birds. We got a few layers and meat chickens last summer and kept a few laying hens. We hope they’ll hatch out some chicks of their own this spring. (We’ll find a rooster soon…) Now the sun is shining, the clothesline is working, and today is a very special day for us. My husband is older today! It may be a holiday for everyone else, but for us it’s more than special. It’s a day to celebrate the best person in my whole world. He’s been so wonderful for putting up with me for +10 years of marriage, and I wouldn’t trade those 10 years for any other time in my life.

That’s my story for today. Enjoy yours!